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Black Country Foodbank Fundraiser – 30th March 2019

Here’s another great gig from Noise Merchants Collective. Scheduled for the 30th March at the Mitre in Stourbridge this time it’s free in as long as you bring 5 items to contribute to the Foodbank.  Line up almost complete and as it’s for a great cause it would be rude not to come out and support! 

Swan Prince – Enjoy The Rain e.p.

Just received this little bundle from Hell Hath No Fury Records which came as part of my order for the new Swan Prince e.p. Enjoy The Rain. 

The e.p. is rather good and on heavy rotation at the moment. Strongly recommend you give it at listen or go out and purchase via Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes etc

For more info on Swan Prince and to support the band and buy merch check them out on Facebook or the links below:


I Am The Egg Man

Most of this poem won’t mean anything to most folks but it features little snippets of my life as I went from about aged 13 – 20, living in a time when musical subcultures and tribes existed and music and hanging with my friends (and future wife) were the most important things in life. Everything mentioned is true and happened.  I Am The Egg Man refers to I Am The Walrus which was one of the songs played regularly on the jukebox at the pub where we used to hang.

I Am The Egg Man

Playing football with the rockers, patchouli oiled double denim strikers on Sunday afternoons.
No half time oranges but matches abandoned on a field of magic mushrooms.
The two tone zoot suits offered a feigned comfort while shrouding a hidden threat of violence.
Crombie nightmares when the shroud drops and my body hits the floor as the DM kissed my face in silence.

Shell Corner Mob scrawled on walls marking out territorial borders that only seemed to exist as the sun went down.
Hanging with the punk rockers and the rude boys, feeling edgy on the dark side of our town.
Glue bags over Rowley as the skins share their jail time stories while we stand rooted in awe and fear.
Getting chased by teddy boys, realising for the first time I was in a gang, just not theirs.

Street walking cheetahs, our hearts were full of nonsense our pockets full of lip balm
Every night was happy hour at Sam’s Balti House, £2.50 chicken Balti and a family naan!
We push the borders and discover that as well as ducks there are Psychobilly’s in the park
I think I’m Robert Smith, you can’t see this boy cry because of my sunglasses after dark.

Rum & black fuelled speedway discos – dancing with the trendys while TinTin is looking for a kiss
We’re the weirdos in the corner – moving like caged tigers, we couldn’t get closer than this.
Throwing alcohol at the testosterone – the dance floor clears as the factions clash and cut loose
I love us being the weirdos, the clothes and hair are out there! As long as you don’t mind all the abuse!

JBs on Fridays – Red Stripe and Sisters of Mercy – followed by the walk home serenaded by a dawn chorus.
We all knew how to Party In the Dark. Well they did! We just watched in awe as they played for us.
Drinking cocktails out of saucepans through straws, the best mixtape in the world, house parties & home brew,
Daytrips to the seaside. Night trips to the darkside, in grotty clubs watching some model army that was new

Juke box favourites on repeat
It’s four o’clock in the morning and still I cannot sleep
So this is dedicated to all you Gucci bag carriers out there
Three tins of Bristows to spike up our crimped hair

We are a disparate bunch
Thrown together by a mutual love of music, beer and lunch.
We’re a mod and a rocker, a skin and a rude boy,
A punk and a goth, a casual and a scooter boy.

We are the finest weirdos in the land
I am the egg man, she is the egg Mand.

Never Loved The Shovel Playlist Mid March 2019

Here’s a little playlist of what’s on the NLTS mixtape at the moment:

PizzaTramp – Millions Of Dead Goths
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Goth Postman
Killing Joke – The Wait
Spoilers -Punks Don’t Die
Smith Street Band – Sigourney Weaver
Rotunda – No Regrets
Angry Itch – No Ball Games
Sleaford Mods – O.B.C.T.
Liarbilities – Two Against One
Suede Razors – Bovver Girl
Shit Present – Anxious Type 
Swan Prince – Disguise
Cyanide Pills – Johnny Thunders Lived In Leeds
Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died
Pete Shelley – Homosapien
Shackleford – Dopamine
Subalternos – Antimidia
Stranglers – Down In The Sewer
The Briggs – Control Alt-Right Delete
Specials – Breaking Point