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The Bitten, Shackleford, Nieviem, Boguns – Live at the Mitre, Stourbridge – 31st August 2019

Another Saturday night in Stourbridge at the Mitre hosted by the wonderful Pete Tromans and his mighty Noise Merchant Collective. Across the country every week there are hundreds of gigs featuring 1,000’s of bands. Some of the gigs are like Pete’s, a real DIY labour of love for everyone involved. A lot of work is pumped into these events, planning, promoting and ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day, and it must seem, if you purely count numbers through the door, for very little return (I can’t even begin to contemplate how the books all balance – or don’t!). Pete’s got a great knack of pulling in bands from around the country, there’s always ‘new’ bands to check out and usually enough variety to keep even the picky punters happy. The crowd tonight is not big, around 20, but enough to generate a little atmosphere in the upstairs room at the Mitre (once regular host to the Black Country grebo rockers Neds Atomic Dustbin, Pop Will Eat Itself and the Wonderstuff). Boguns from Wrexham get us underway with a blistering opening set. Likewise, Nieviem from Lincoln play great edgy melodic punk and impress the room. I’d seen Shackleford earlier in the year at the Mitre and absolutely love them. Dedicating a couple of covers at the end of the set to Pete they blew any remaining cobwebs right out the place. I then had to do a runner to get the last train home (I can’t believe its 2019 and the last train on Saturday night was at 10.40!) so missed the Bitten but I had seen them before and they are great! I think we need to do all we can to support gigs like this. It’s great to get 4 bands (£5 in, so that’s £1.25 per band – quick math!) from around the country playing in a small upstairs room at a pub in the Black Country. But gigs like this will only continue if we support them- so spread the word, share on Facebook, invite your friends, come along (it’s a cheap night out), buy the merch if you can. At the moment there’s plenty more of these gigs coming up, follow the Noise Merchant Collective on Facebook to get line up and venue details: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1471367266236124&ref=br_rs

Afternoon Tea

If I invite you to afternoon tea, I’m more than happy for you to come sit with me.
We’ll drink some tea and we’ll chew the fat, we’ll talk about this and we’ll talk about that.
I’m more than happy for you to come sit with me, if I invite you for afternoon tea.
But if I don’t invite you for afternoon tea, don’t assume that’s okay with me.

If I invite you out to lunch or even breakfast or a cheeky brunch.
It means I’m happy to share my time, chatting shit, chilling and killing time.
It means that I like you a bunch, if I invite you out to lunch.
But if I don’t invite you out to lunch or three, don’t you dare assume that it’s okay to come dine with me.

If I invite you to come touch me, place a hand upon my knee.
If I ask you take it further, it means that I’m not that nervous.
It means that I am happy with that, for you to touch me and me touch you back.
But if I don’t invite you to touch me, don’t ever assume it is okay to lay a single finger on me!

If I invite you to come sleep with me, we’ll do the deed like Adam and Eve.
We’ll make like rabbits and the earth will move, Like Madonna and Sean we’ll be in the groove.
I’ll let you do anything you want to do, if I send that invitation out to you.
But if I don’t invite you to sleep with me, then its nots okay – it is absolutely not okay for you to think that it acceptable to lay a single finger on me, or to talk down to me, or to send me unsolicited messages or dick pics and to use your perceived power or position to try to manipulate and get what you want you worthless, bullying, deceitful, misogynistic apology of a man. You’re a piece of shit, you’re an embarrassment to your gender, your family and your friends. It is not okay, it is not okay at all!!!

So… I hope the message is crystal clear but if it’s not let me bend your ear.
If I say no that’s what it means – there is no room for manoeuvre in-between.
I can be provocative in the way I dress but that still means no is no it doesn’t mean yes!
So if I don’t invite you for afternoon tea, don’t assume that’s okay with me.

Black Country Foodbank Fundraiser – 30th March 2019

Here’s another great gig from Noise Merchants Collective. Scheduled for the 30th March at the Mitre in Stourbridge this time it’s free in as long as you bring 5 items to contribute to the Foodbank.  Line up almost complete and as it’s for a great cause it would be rude not to come out and support! 

Swan Prince – Enjoy The Rain e.p.

Just received this little bundle from Hell Hath No Fury Records which came as part of my order for the new Swan Prince e.p. Enjoy The Rain. 

The e.p. is rather good and on heavy rotation at the moment. Strongly recommend you give it at listen or go out and purchase via Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes etc

For more info on Swan Prince and to support the band and buy merch check them out on Facebook or the links below: